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When I was seven years old, my parents gave me a plastic box camera and one roll of black and white film to use on a family outing to the Los Angeles Zoo. With only twelve moments to capture, I thought I had better use them wisely and it was a sad thing to get to the end of the roll. However I still enjoyed the feeling of pressing the button and continued to snap away and could not leave the reptile house until I had snapped it for every single animal in the building. It took forever to get the images back from the store and it was very exciting to open the envelope and relive the adventure.

As soon as I was able to drive I learned the joys of travel and documenting those travels through photography. As my body of work grew, I began to see its relationship to me as a product of Los Angeles. My family history having New York roots, the history of Los Angeles and California as a whole with its rich Hispanic and Southwest influences and its place on the Pacific Rim as the gateway to Asia. The melting pot that is Los Angeles is the melting pot that has now shaped me and the art I make is a direct product of all of those influences.

Combining all of that with the more personal explorations of surrealism and psychedelia has expanded my work to include abstract expressions of the above influences using those elements to create montages of otherworldly landscapes that are still firmly rooted in my upbringing. All of the montages I create, use only photos that I have taken. I do not collect or use images from any other source.

I see my work as being like jazz music; constantly exploring new chord progressions without constraint. Reveling in diversity and not being afraid to go in any particular direction. Traditional photography being the starting point and then moving into abstract expression and then recombining them into new forms.

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